"God's House" SIZZLE REEL (password: onelove)



© 2015 by Haas Productions


What People are saying about the Sizzle Reel:


"Brilliant! This is a really smart reality TV show concept. Tons of potential for conflict, drama, and even enlightenment. The characters in this pilot/sizzle had just the right dose of quirk and flare."


"I watched it and think it's awesome. Gets your point across, looks like it's high production value and even has all that good stuff where it looks like people may hook up.  


"I love it! This HAS to get picked up."


"Very cool. Was gripping right from the start. Definitely made you want to watch and want more!..."




"This was so powerful, Jesus, I mean it touched me.  How clever.  I am so glad you were able to get all of those people together, that are so immersed in "religion".  This is what AMERICA needs now. You are on your way.  What a wonderful idea.  Please keep me in the loop with how this develops...  This is what we need right now..."


"It is daringly original, and I value daring originality highly."

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